Welcome to BUILD GOD, an original powers RP based in the fictional city of Los Eurosia, California — a wanna-be metropolis noted for its lack of law enforcement and rising Gifted activity (likely spurned on by the emergence of the mysterious group 'Blackstorm').

We are a small, laidback roleplay community with lax activity requirements that allows plenty of character freedom. There's ample room for new characters to stand out and we would love to see some fresh faces around the city! What part you choose to play in the growing tension is yours to decide.
09.01 Build God's third activity check has been posted in the Announcements board and will last through the entire month of September. If you'd like your characters and their threads to stay where they are, make sure you let us know by the end of the month! c:
04.23 Happy 1 year anniversary, Los Eurosia! We are celebrating this awesome occasion with a site remodel! Thanks for the amazing and fun year, everyone! Read about our skin update or report any problem/issue you find here!
01.01 Welcome to 2023! We hope everyone's holidays have been warm, cozy, and safe! <3 We'll be starting off the new year with an activity check to see who is still around and do a bit of site clean-up. The check will run through the entire month of January, so if you'd like your characters and threads to stay where they are, make sure you let us know!
    A big welcome to Build God's newest member, Ray! He currently plays Walter and has his twin brother, Oliver, in the works. Both characters are super intriguing and we can't wait to see how they fare in Los Eurosia!
    Played by Ray, Walt has been through and seen a lot! His backstory includes a dangerous Gift, the loss of his family, Sector cover-ups, and a whole lot more! But somehow he remains a warm young man, concerned with the happiness of everyone around him.
    Monroe and Addie share a fair bit in common, from their avoidance of their Gifts to their reserved natures. You can currently read them at Capital Cafe, discussing school, pets, and about possibly getting some Chinese together!
    After ten years together, Nate and Luck have called it quits. Now, with the lease of their old apartment ending, there's the matter of divving up their shared belongings (and figuring out where they stand with one another in the aftermath).

Site Necessities

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Rules & Info ( 4 threads + 4 posts )

A first-stop for any prospective new members who may have questions about our setting, plot, etc. In addition to site rules, this board contains helpful information about member groups, Los Eurosia neighborhoods, etc.

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Announcements ( 3 threads + 17 posts )

Site events and important Los Eurosia happenings will be posted here. Activity checks, in-character events, and whatever else may arise. Keep an eye out for any new topics!

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Rinse Oct 18, 2023 9:58:47 GMT -5

Character Creation

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Applications ( 11 threads + 11 posts )

Post your character application here. It will be sorted into the census board upon acceptance. You may post WIPs. If you are pended, you will receive a PM.

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Los Eurosia Census ( 44 threads + 86 posts )

Character applications are moved here upon acceptance. You are welcome to update your apps at any time!

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Claims ( 5 threads + 10 posts )

Found inside this board is the Face Claim, Powers Claim, Member Directory, and Powers Shop (where you can purchase power upgrades)!

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Wanted Ads ( 9 threads + 14 posts )

Request plot and characters here. Before writing a request, take a look at characters already on the site to see if they might be able to fill in for your desired plot.

Character Development

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Plotters ( 16 threads + 218 posts )

The board where members can put their heads together and plot their characters with others. Fall in love. Break hearts. Stab someone?

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Monroe Montgomery Dec 5, 2023 21:22:17 GMT -5
Development ( 38 threads + 98 posts )

If so desired, you can request your very own development board. Use it however you wish! For storage, journal entries, character playlists, one-shots — whatever!

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Aimee Nov 23, 2023 16:28:42 GMT -5
Communications ( 39 threads + 112 posts )

Leave a voicemail or write a letter! A place for text threads, phone calls, and even snail mail! Or maybe you just want to snoop through a character's phone?

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Social Media ( 5 threads + 7 posts )

Post a picture on Instagram or tweet a post! Does your character have an online presence? Share it here!

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Site Events

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Spooky Season 2023 ( 5 threads + 48 posts )

It's that time of year again - will you be tricking or treating?

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Previous Events ( 7 threads + 36 posts )

Past events that have already played out are stored here.

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Los Eurosia

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Parks & Beaches ( 10 threads + 163 posts )

Los Eurosia's beaches are well cared for, and even have a small boardwalk where you can play games and ride the ferris wheel. The parks are also well kept, including the Los Eurosia National Forest.

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Seth Perry Nov 29, 2023 21:48:56 GMT -5
Nightlife ( 23 threads + 246 posts )

Downtown's club scene is popular among the 20-something crowd, but there are plenty of other scenes for older people as well. Whether it's a little dive bar or a rave that you're looking for, you can find it in this neighborhood.

Restaurants ( 4 threads + 40 posts )

Need a spot to eat? Well look for one of Los Eurosia's many local restaurants. Or maybe you just want to stop for some McDonald's after a long day of work.

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Businesses ( 13 threads + 114 posts )

From office buildings to mom and pop shops, you can put all your threads that happen in businesses here.

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Community & Education ( 0 threads + 0 posts )

Includes the city hall, places of worship, and community centers. Los Eurosia is home to many public and private schooling options. Their accreditied public university, S.C. University, is well-known for its science program.

Residences ( 19 threads + 272 posts )

There's nothing like kicking off your shoes at the end of a long day. Threads that take place in residences and character homes will go here. Make sure to check out the thread on neighborhoods to get a feel for what Los Eurosia looks like.

Sector HQ ( 0 threads + 0 posts )

A large, clean building that looks just like what you'd expect of any federal agency. Here is where agents of The Sector can write among themselves without anyone knowing better.

Blackstorm Hideout ( 0 threads + 0 posts )

A rather unofficial hideout hidden downtown. It's disguised as a run-of-the-mill corner store with a secret backroom where Blackstorm members hold meetings that are mostly guesswork at who their leader is and what they have planned.


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Outside Los Eurosia ( 2 threads + 30 posts )

Any thread that occurs outside of Los Eurosia can be placed here.

Alternate Universes ( 1 thread + 1 post )

For all your threads that don't take place in Build God's main universe.

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Out of Character

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Chat & Games ( 11 threads + 186 posts )

Here you can talk about whatever you'd like with other members. Make an official introduction or announce your leave. Post OOC games or discussions. Show us your art or poetry. What is everyone watching on Netflix?

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Suggestions/Help Desk ( 1 thread + 1 post )

Have an idea for a site-wide event? A question you can't find an answer to? Or just want to discuss something that you feel would better the site? Post it here! Suggestions and ideas are always greatly appreciated. Guest-friendly!

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Advertising ( 340 threads + 366 posts )

No NSFW sites! You may post duplicate ads as long as we can do the same.

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Archives ( 200 threads + 924 posts )

Inactive threads go here.

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